Mr. TANN Kila 

Graduated on Energy and Electrical Engineer in 2013, Kila has several work experience during 2 years on electrical installation and maintenance on both building and street lighting system. After 2015, he started to work with Schneider Electric company, which is the global leading company on energy management and automation and focus on renewable energy mainly on the Solar System which start from the small Solar Home System (SHS) to solar rooftop building, solar pumping system and designing the first 10MW Solar Power Plant system in Bavet city in Cambodia. He has completed the specialist training on solar energy system from India on small solar home system (SHS), solar pumping and also training in France of the concept design and operation of the solar rooftop building and big solar power plant to run and operate this first 10MW power plant and new project coming in Cambodia around 100MW for next short future. Currently, Kila is working at Total Cambodge as Business Developers & Sales Manager.