Mr. KRUY Chanrith

He earned his Master degree in International Master in Rural Economics and Sociology (IMARES) from cooperation program between Hanoi University of Agriculture (Vietnam) and The University of Liege (Belgium). Chanrith worked at Teuk Saat 1001 since 2010 as a social marketing project manager. His main work was to support the team in developing the social marketing strategy, making the awareness and education campaigns on water and sanitation in the villages and schools to make the behavior change on the water consumption of Cambodian.

Working with team from France, Chanrith conducted research on social marketing in bottle safe drinking water in rural villages in Cambodia. In 2012, he was one of team to create the O-we, a brand of 20L bottle of Teuk Saat 1001. In 2014, we worked on the water distribution project to understand about the main channel of delivery service of O-we. He also joined with team to do market research in order to understand about the perception of the customer and their expectation. In 2016, Chanrith worked on the project deployment to identify the potential commune to setup the project of 20L bottle in 16 provinces.  Recently, Chanrith is the General Manager of W.E Venture Co., Ltd.